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Man Says Neighbor's Pit Bulls Attacked, Killed His Dog

The pit bull - it's a controversial breed of dog that has been in and out of the news. Known for their aggressive hunting instinct, we've seen them attack toddlers and adults alike. Friday KLTV 7's Tracy Watler spoke with one East Texan who says his neighbor's pit bulls attacked and killed one of his little dogs, and left another one fighting for its life.

The Simpsons are lucky to be picking up their dog "Dibo" from the vet just a day after they say it was viciously attacked by three dogs, two of them, pit bulls.

"This is the area the dogs came through, busted through the fence there," says David Simpson, as he shows us where he says his neighbor's dogs chewed and crawled through a hole in the fence and then mauled his dog, "Cowgirl."

"She really didn't deserve to go like that, it just makes me mad.  So mad you couldn't use some of the words that I could say," he says.

And now Simpson says he wants something done about it.

"I think they ought to put them to sleep because I told that owner they've got the taste of blood now, what's going to stop them from coming through and getting my grandkids or somebody running down the street, you know, anybody," he adds.

Animal Control did cite the neighbor's for violation of Tyler's leash law despite the broken down fence being Simpson's property. 

"We know that the dogs got into another yard and that is the responsibility of the owners of the dogs to keep them restrained, who's fence it was and who needs to fix it that's something a judge can decide at this time," says Shawn Markmann, Director of Tyler's Animal Control.

Simpson says he will be filing a civil lawsuit, hoping it stops the dogs from attacking his little granddaughter, like they did little Cowgirl.

We did ask the neighbors for a response, but they said no comment. Now, in total, they were issued four citations--three leash law violations, and one for failure to maintain current vaccinations.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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