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4/24/08--Smith County And Longview

Three Restaurants Didn't Make The Grade With The Health Inspector

At Luby's Cafeteria on Tuttle Blvd. in Longview, the inspector noted both hot and cold foods not being held at the proper temperature and inadequate food storage and dating. The inspector also reported improperly packaged and unprotected food. Total demerits: 17.

Over in Smith County, not even the Blue Store on Hwy. 155 South could escape the inspector's red pen.  There, both the hash-browns and salsa were improperly cooled, and employees were seen handling burgers with their bare hands.   That was a big no-no, especially considering there was no soap, or towels at the hand-washing sink.  Raw meats were being stored over cooked hash-browns, and an employee's jacket was found in the meat grinder.  All of that and a 3-bay sink that failed to sanitize cost them 33 demerits.

At Sonoma Grill located at 5875 Old Bullard in Tyler, several dented cans were observed in the storage area.  Food preparation surfaces weren't as clean as the inspector would have liked, and raw salmon and beef was not being held at the proper temperature.  Those violations prompted the inspector to demerit them 19 points. 

Layron Livingston, Reporting 

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