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Belize Toddler Travels To East Texas For Skin Condition Cure

 Emie Salam's whole life has been a long battle, suffering from a rare skin condition. "No one in the country has been able to diagnose exactly what's wrong with her or what's causing the skin condition," says Lori Petrie. 

Petrie works with Compassionate Hearts, a medical missions alliance in Belize, that asked Longview Diagnostic doctors, to help diagnose Emie's skin condition.  

"We knew immediately we needed to get this baby to the states and Longview Diagnostic doctors were the ones to call," said Petrie. 

 Three doctors-- a pediatrician, a dermatologist, and an internal medicine doctor answered the Petrie's call and offered to pay for Emie's diagnosis and cure for her skin condition.  

"I thought this would be an opportunity for the Longview medical community to reach out to countries and be helpful. Diagnostic Clinic of Longview was willing to sponsor Emie's care,"said Roger Kiser, M.D., of Internal Medicine at Good Sheppard. 

 Emie's mother hopes Longview doctors can heal her daughter.

 "Like a mother, I want to see the best for my child and I want to find a cure for her so I can see her walk one day," said Erica Meja, Emie's mother.  

"It's very hot in Belize and anytime you have any kind of skin irritation the heat makes it so much worst. So, Emie has been absolutely miserable, she doesn't sleep and her mom doesn't sleep.

So now, the road to Emie's healing begins with a sign of hope, because of such giving hearts.  

"There's amazing things that can be done with medical help and the Lord. I just expect a miracle, and for Emie to go home much better," said Petrie.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting 

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