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4/24/08-Irving, TX

Cowboys Move Forward In Pacman Trade Terms

The Cowboys and Titans have reportedly come to terms in the Pacman Jones trade.

The Dallas Morning News reports the Cowboys will trade a fourth round pick in the draft this weekend for Jones, plus a sixth round draft pick in 2009 if Jones has no off the field problems.

The paper reported the Cowboys are working on a four year contract that includes no guaranteed money. Jones was suspended all of last season and if he is not reinstated by the NFL, Dallas gets a fourth round pick in 2009.

For months we have heard the name Pacman Jones, but what type of player are the Cowboys getting? 

Jones was suspended in 2007 after six arrests and 12 incidents where police were called since he was drafted in 2005. 

His 2006 season at cornerback, Jones produced four interceptions, 63 tackles and one sack.

Fans have also asked, why do they call him Adam Jones, Pacman?

In an interview with The Sporting News, Jones says he would attack his bottles as a baby like Pacman and it was his mother that came up with the nickname.

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