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Bill Would Require Weather Radios In Mobile Homes

For less than 30 dollars, a weather radio could be a lifesaver. Now some folks on Capitol Hill want to make them mandatory in mobile homes.

"If you have the same tornado, if you have a EF 3 or 2 tornado hit a manufactured or mobile home, or hit a home on a foundation, more than likely to have more substantial damage and more injuries," said KLTV 7 Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto. 

The weather radios that are in the bill would warn residents of any type of severe weather.

"Whenever warnings are issued a signal is sent from the National Weather Service office to all of the radios that are out there. If you have it set properly it will set off an alarm to push a button and find out what is going on," said Scirto. 

Brian Glass at Palm Harbor Homes said while the homes they sell don't have the radios now, he can see the benefits.

"I think it would be an added value for families to have a weather alert system in their home no matter what kind of home they are in," said Glass.

The legislation passed last October by the House requires the radios be installed by the builders in all manufactured homes. But a new version shifts that burden to those that install the homes and it exempts those built on permament foundations.

While Mark says putting the radios in mobile homes will be a huge step forward, it needs to go much further.

"I think if we are going to mandate these weather radios, we ought to mandate them for everybody," said Scirto, "When you are not up, watching tv, looking out the window, we want to let you know. That's what a weather radio will do. It will let you know no matter what time of day."

An extra security that could mean life or death.

The radios which are usually around $20-30 can be found at most electronic stores and super stores.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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