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A Better East Texas: False Charges By Student

It was sad news a couple of weeks ago when a white student falsely accused classmates of another race with violence. On the other hand the incident also showed me something else.... that when rational adults discuss and evaluate facts and try to do the right thing, a more constructive outcome might be had.

We've seen our own instances in east Texas when irresponsible parents defend their children's bad behavior. In this case the parents did the right thing by taking their complaint directly to school authorities who fully investigated the matter and kept an open dialogue with the public through the media.

 When the parents discovered their child had not been truthful they once again openly set the record straight with the public. Both party's actions were the right and responsible thing to do and diffused a potentially volatile situation.

 We need to remember that when it comes to immigration, there are irrational extremists on both sides of the issue. Which means those of us in the middle need to maintain our sanity and closely study the facts before being sucked in by the hatred and extremism surrounding immigration. Just because someone may look like they come from a foreign country does not mean they are illegal, or worse, a criminal.

Those of us born in the USA need to remember there are a lot of legal, hard working, law abiding citizens trying to get their start in this great country, just like our forefathers did.

If we truly want to make this a better east Texas, those of us living inside our borders need to learn to solve problems together so that we can stand united against the real enemies outside our borders.

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