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Deputy Dragged 30 Feet

Tuesday evening around 6 p.m. at the Rose Valley Apartment Complex in Tyler across from John Tyler High School Precinct One Deputy constable's were providing security for when they saw a suspicious car and went to talk to them. But instead of talking to the officers, they took off, with the officers arm trapped in their car. KLTV 7 sat down with deputy Steve Murry to talk about the incident.

Murry was working security and watching the various camera's around Rose Valley when they noticed something suspicious.

"We observed this car trying to come in the exit gate of the complex," said Murry

They watched the 98 Grey Lincoln Town car travel around the bottom of the hill a couple times, and then saw a liquor bottle thrown out the car window.

"Observed on camera passing what appeared to be a cigar or blunt from one to the other in the car," said Murry.

This activity lead Deputy Murry and his partner Bryan Mauldin to approach the car.

"As we were talking to the driver the driver paniced and stepped on the accellerator," said Murry.

And as he did caught my hand in the window. Went sliding across the ground the video shows deputy Murry dragged nearly 30 feet until he could get his hand loose. 

"Lurched me forward," said Murry, "One of them freak accident. It could have been more of a accident but it could have all been avoided."

Other than a few scrapes and bruises, Murry is alright.

"I got a lot of people calling telling me who and what. We have the license plate, pictures of people in the car. Easiest thing would be if the guy just turned himself in.

The case has been turned over to Tyler Police to investigate. The license plate is 049-ZJS. Call Tyler Police with any information.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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