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04/23/08- Longview

East Texas Photographer Takes A Picture Of Bizarre Object In The Sky

Jefferson Nguyen is a professional photographer but it was his recent photo that he took at a wedding rehearsal that caught his attention. "I was doing a photo shoot and everybody was having fun. It's a nice day with nice blue skies and everybody was excited about the wedding, that was gonig to take place the next day. A couple of days latter, I looked at the picture and discovered something in the sky that I did not recognize in the photo. I zoomed in to see the picture and I saw a light trail of some kind that flies in the sky,"said Nguyen.

Jefferson was so stunned by the object that at first, he offered to erase it out of the pciture for the groom. "I asked the groom if he wanted me to edit and take the light out the picture but the groom insisted to keep it in the photo. He's really excited about the picture.

I do believe there is something out there other than us humans. I just want to show people that if they look  in the sky someday they might see something out of the ordinary," said Nguyen. 

Out of the ordinary for some and extraordinary for others.  

I'm sure, the object must be God's up there looking upon the couple and blessing them a day ahead od thier wedding," said Nguyen. 

Jefferson says he didn't want jinx the couple's wedding day, so he waited until after the wedding to show them the unusual picture.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com

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