Wreck Sends 22 Harleys To Hog Heaven

Just before ten o'clock Saturday night, a two-truck collision sent a driver to the hospital and a truck through the front wall of a motorcycle shop. Tyler Police say a 1999 Sierra truck traveling north on the Tyler Loop collided with another truck, then swerved across the loop and through the front of Latch Lone Star Harley Davidson. Police estimate the truck was travelling at least 75 miles an hour when it demolished the building front.

When owner Bennie Latch arrived Saturday night, she couldn't believe what she saw. "I saw what looked like a ball of metal and glass floating in the air."

Shards of glass and wreckage covered the store. Bikes, equipment, merchandise all destroyed, damaged, or covered in debris. Firemen worked to get balls of motorcycles untangled. All told, twenty-two bikes were wrecked, totalled.

Bennie still was grateful for the help. "We pulled up while ago," she said, "There was a fireman working with Boone and Boone Construction volunteered and came up here and built this wall without us even asking him."

Bennie says they'll sell under a tent while they rebuild and get ready for next year's rally. "We have eight thousand people rolling into town next year expecting us to entertain them for the state rally, and we've got to be ready. It's survival of the fittest right now, and we can handle it."