East Texans Put Old American Flags To Rest

Americans have become more attached to their flags since September 11th, flying them proudly. But every flag will eventually have to be replaced, and one local group reminded East Texans Saturday how to properly dispose of an old or worn American flag. A flag disposal ceremony was held at Tyler Memorial Park Cemetery Saturday morning.

Tyler's William Barron Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution organized the event.

They say if a flag is tattered, worn or torn, it should be honorably retired. That's why they joined with the Civil Air Patrol Cadets of Tyler and led the ceremony.

"It's such a symbol of the country that just to throw it in the trash can is a disgrace," said Karen Garrett, an East Texan who had never witnessed a flag disposal ceremony before.

Others also found the ceremony unique and witnessed for the first time how a flag is burned in an honorable fashion.

"All of it makes you just think what the flag means to this country," said Ann Head.

Mike Everheart, President of the area Sons of the American Revolution, said in the future there may be a need for more flag disposal ceremonies.

"There's been almost 5 million flags purchased since September 11th," said Everheart. "Since World War II started more flags were brought by the public, but the public is pretty much unaware of how to dispose of serviceable flags. Everheart's organization plans to conduct the flag ceremony each year.

If you'd like to know more about flag etiquette and procedures,you can go to www.kltv.com and click on the know more on seven icon.