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Determination Brought Flynn To The NFL Threshold

As the starting quarterback for the Robert E. Lee Red Raiders, Friday nights East Texans saw a young man they knew would play on Saturday's and was seemingly destined to play on Sunday's.

"He worked harder probably than any human being that's come through here," said Lee head football Coach Mike Owens. Owens met a determined but tiny ninth grader, Matt Flynn.

Owens knew Matt had the potential but needed the size and speed. Matt took it upon himself to make that happen.

"He would do our workout then he had a personal trainer he would go work out with for three hours. He would do it every day all year," Owens said. "That's the thing about him he was focused on one thing and that was being a great quarterback."

Matt became the Red Raiders starter leading them to the state quarterfinals and the state semifinals.

It was then LSU seized their opportunity. But Matt had to wait for four season's for his turn to start behind former Tiger, Jamarcus Russell.

"We spent a lot of time watching him on one knee," laughed Ruth Flynn.

Ruth and Alvin Flynn knew their son's competitive spirit wanted in. In 2007, Matt's last as a Tiger, he became their starter. In his first and only season as starter, the Tigers won the national title.  Matt was the championship game offensive MVP.

"I think it was supposed to have been the way that it has all turned out," Ruth said.

"Two years ago, we watched Texas and USC and that was so exciting," Alvin said. "Vince young had such a great game and was MVP and our kid did that."

After thousands of hours of driving Matt to practices, attending home games, away games and trips to Baton Rouge, the Flynn's are understandably proud. Their son is headed to the highest level in American football.

"He's lived a dream so far and that dream is continuing," Alvin said, "and we're living that dream and all our kids are living that same dream with him."
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