A Grand Saline Teen Wants to be President

A teen from Grand Saline teen has been studying presidential trivia from childhood and now wants to be the next President of the United States.
   Eric Menasco is a 16 year old who can answer almost any question about our 43 presidents.
  He can even quote them. He has cerebral palsy, but he doesn't let that spoil his dream of becoming President.
   In fact, he recently got back from a trip from our nation's capital, thanks to the help of the Starlight Children's Foundation.
   "It's like opening a huge Christmas present, it was really good and I took a lot of pictures," Eric said.
   When he was on a tour in the Capitol, everyone was impressed.
   "The secret service were like I was the greatest man in the world because most people can't tell the Presidents just by looking at them." 
   Eric loves to study presidential history and has been doing so since childhood. In his spare time, he reads books and watches movies on the subject.
   Eric has a list of his favorite presidents, but says Franklin Delano Roosevelt is his inspiration.
   "He proved if he can do it in a wheelchair, anyone can with any disability."
   Actually, Eric's already been elected to be President by his classmates in the 2000 election.
   "They said, who would you vote for for president and over 90 percent said they'd vote for me."       
   Eric's mom says he doesn't see anything but the possibilities ahead.
   "He never complains, he only sees opportunity. When you say, what are you going to be, he says he's going to be President. He's just exceptional, he's just a really exceptional kid," Carla Milliorn said. 
   Eric has a straight-forward plan to becoming the next President. He says he'll be a history teacher, and then a governor before entering the White House.