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4/22/08- Kilgore

Fake Priest Who Preyed On Hospital Patients Arrested

After allegedly stealing from an elderly patient at Kilgore's Laird Memorial Hospital, Leslie Earl Raymond would soon end up on America's Most Wanted.  Tracking across the country in his fake cloth and collar, literally preying on hospital patients and nurses, Raymond was wanted in 10 states on a laundry list of charges.

"This was a personal thing where he went in person and took advantage of people at their weakest moment and so we're all gratified," said Assistant Chief Deputy with the U.S. Marshals, Javier Jimenez.  

A viewer recognized Raymond on America's Most Wanted. The U.S. Marshals office then tracked him down in Las Vegas, where he was arrested Monday.

"He had cut and dyed his hair to alter his appearance and avoid arrest," said Jimenez.  "He also had stayed in a couple hotels to move around a little bit and avoid arrest as well."

"I know my victim, she was real excited when I told her that he'd finally been captured," said Detective Sergeant Roman Roberson with the Kilgore Police Department.  "She was real thankful."

Roberson remembered when the "fake father" victimized an elderly patient nearly a year ago.

"He came into her room, spoke with her, prayed with her, quoted some scripture then after he left she noticed her purse was missing," said Roberson. 

Raymond then bought $800 worth of gift cards from the CVS Pharmacy in Kilgore before leaving the state. Now, nearly a year later, that victim can rest easy.

"She told me she'd put it in God's hands that he'd be captured and I said 'Well God probably took a special interest in this case since he was dressing as a priest," said Roberson. 

And victims all over the country can take solace, knowing that this imposter behind the cloth is now behind bars.

The U.S. Marshals Office said Raymond will be extradited to California and possibly South Dakota. He's facing a long list of fraud and burglary charges in 10 states.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com

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