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East Texas Lawmaker Plans To Introduce Tougher Immigration Laws

Just last week, hundreds of illegal workers were arrested at Pilgrim's Pride plants, including the one in Mount Pleasant, charged with using stolen social security numbers.

Incidents like this one have State Representative Leo Berman calling for action to put a stop to the flow of illegal immigrants. Berman just returned from Austin, and he told KLTV some of the dozens of plans he has to reform how our state handles illegal immmigrants.

"It's ridiculous and it needs to stop," said Representative Leo Berman, who said he's willing to do something about it.

"We have got to seal our border and we have got to deal with more than 2 million illegal aliens that are here in Texas," said Berman, "We are going to introduce a number of bills next session."

With 20 to 30 bills in the works, Berman said Texas has no choice to take more action, especially after other states have passed tougher immigration laws.

"We are going to duplicate bill that was passed in Oklahoma. It deals with penalizing employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. It deals with identity theft," said Berman. It's an issue that's at the top of people's minds after last week's raids at Pilgrim's Pride.

"Now, illegal aliens are coming from Oklahoma south across the Red River into Texas," said Berman.

Some of Berman's bills include taxing money wired from Texas by illegal immigrants. Berman is also pushing a bill that would prevent someone in this country illegally from filing lawsuits. Another bill repeals in-state tuition, one of the many benefits he says Texas taxpayers fund.

"The best thing we can do is stop giving us citizenship to the children of illegal aliens born in the United States we also need to stop giving them free health care and free education," said Berman.

His bill that challenges the 14th Amendment is the birthright bill which would stop Texas from recognizing children of illegal immigrants.

"As soon as you give citizenship to an illegal alien, a whole wealth of opportunity opens up. Between benefits the US government and the state gives, it is costing us a fortune to give them benefits."

Berman says that ultimately, by stopping these free benefits, Texas citizens will save money.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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