Trane Strike Derailed

The Trane Corporation, which employs over 1600 workers, avoided a strike that was schedule for midnight on Friday.

The strike came just one day after a majority of the company's union work-force rejected a four year contract proposal. But Friday afternoon, just hours before the workers were to walk away from their jobs, not knowing when they'd return, the union and company agreed to extend their old contract by three weeks.

That same morning, workers at the plant felt a strike was inevitable after they rejected the new contract, saying wages didn't keep up with inflation rates.

Shortly after 1 p.m., Ricky Harrell with the IUE-CWA union said the strike was off.

"There will not be a strike tonight," he said "We will be going back to the table in the next couple of weeks or so and try to hammer out an agreement, and address the concerns that people had yesterday at that meeting."

The workers contract will be extended until July 5th. In the meantime, the company and union will iron out any details to ensure the next contract passes.