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4/19/08- East Texas

East Texas Wheelchair Games: Their Inspiring Stories

Let the East Texas wheelchair games begin.  The 10th annual games are being held this weekend offering everything from bowling to archery and of course racing.  Nothing is keeping these contestants from rolling-on with their lives and serving as an inspiration for all of us.

For them it's not so much about competing, but building a strong network with others who can understand the physical challenges they face.

"You've got to meet somebody half-way," said first time competitor Mickal Anderson.  "You can't just sit at home and wait for somebody to come help you."

"It's just good to get out and get around people that are in the same situation as you," said competitor Linda Arnold.   Anderson's life would change drastically after a shooting accident.

"I thought I was nothing," said Anderson.  "It's been real bad for me.  I've been getting the rough end of the stick."  But now his body is getting stronger, and so is his spirit.

"At home I get on a walker, and I lift myself up with my arms and my arms are pretty strong," said Anderson.  "I keep my head up.  I keep a smile on my face."  Smiles are all you see at the games.  Arnold is racing for her family.

"I have almost a year-old little girl and she keeps me on my toes, even though I can't get up on my toes," said Arnold.  Their strong spirits and smiling faces are inspiration that anyone can make a difference.  Winning isn't the goal, however.  It's about finishing the race, and helping others live life to the fullest.

"I'm going to win one race for my mom," said Arnold. 

"Even in a wheelchair you can do a lot of great things," said Anderson. 

The Wheelchair Games are held at Trinity Mother Frances' Rose Stadium.  This is the event's 10th year.  Awards were presented after the field competitions.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com

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