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4/18/07- Tyler

Freedom Fighters: Dietra Brown

Dietra Brown had dreamed as a child of serving in the Armed Forces. But at the age of 39, just short of the age limit, she surprised everyone by joining the Army. Although her family at first was angry, they soon relented and fully backed her decision.

Brown found PT, the Army's version of getting into shape, the toughest . But soon she was doing record pushups and situps. If she found training tough, she was to find the sandstorms, blackouts, temperatures, and 14 hour days of Camp Bucca, Iraq tougher. But by that time, she was tougher too.

Brown's job was interrogating prisoners, and her camp had some of a"the worst of the worst". In spite of this, the biggest danger at the camp came from mortar attacks. After eight months Dietra Brown returned home. She's stationed at Camp Polk, Louisiana, close enough to get home often for her favorite catfish meal and her husnand James' fried chicken.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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