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Victim Of Alleged Drunk Driving Accident Prepares For Prom

 "I got prom and I get to go to it," said 16 year old Brittiany.

It's a dream night for teenage girls, thought out to the very last detail.

"My dress is so nice. It's black. It has diamond things on it. It is just so nice," said Brittiany. 

But the road for hasn't always been easy.

"The boy lost control and hit a tree head on," said Claude Hodges, Brittiany's father.

Last June Brittiany, a star athlete, was pinned by a car driven by an alleged drunk driver.

"They didn't even know if she would live. A week later they told us she would be a vegetable," said Claude, "Never speak, never walk. Just lay there."

Brittiany suffered brain and lung injuries, making her ventilator dependent. After two months in critical care, she went to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

Brittiany has only been home a few months and now requires 24/7 care.

"I love hearing her talk. We went eight months without hearing a single sound," said Claude. 

"I get to get my nails done, my hair, and my toes painted," said Brittiany.

"You just don't realize how it is to be told your baby is not going to be nothing," said Claude.

Without support of their community and doctors, the family says Brittiany wouldn't be here.

"I want to tell everybody thank you," said Claude - from the bottom of his heart. 

As a sophomore last year Brittiany had already been looked at for athletic scholarships to colleges from Division 1 universities like the University of Texas.

Brittiany has said she wants to someday be a coach.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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