Restaurants Where Inspectors Found Problems

McDonald's  at 3514 Hwy 69 S in Lindale was inspected May 28th. Walk-in cooler was tested at 50-57F, should be 45F or below.  Eggs, yogurt, cheese, and meat were discarded. Chicken was in warmer at 127F, should be 140F or above.

McDonald's score was 80, and a recheck was ordered. On May 29: the inspector found the walk-in cooler was repaired.   No score was given.

Potpourri House at 3320 Troup Hwy. in Tyler was inspected May 8th. Cold foods were found to be held from 52 to 58F, should be 45F or below.  Meats, salad, and sauce were discarded. Grease being held in a mayonnaise jar, and wine containers were being stored in an ice machine. Broccoli was being held in hand sinks, and, a broken dial on washing machine.

Score: 81.  A recheck was ordered .  On May 9, the recheck showed that corrections had been made.  However, medicine was found stored in a prep area.  Score: 97.

Grandy's at 1226 S. Beckham Tyler was inspected April 23rd. Mayonnaise held in ice, tested at 53F, should be 45F or below.   Ice scoop laying in ice.  Improper handwashing was noted and coffee equipment was being washed in hand sink.  The score was 82.  On a recheck June 13, all problems corrected.

Yaya's 109 E. Erwin Tyler was inspected May 28th. Make table holding at 48-53F, should be 45F or below.  Chicken and dressing discarded.  Towels were needed at the hand sink.  The score, an 85... and a recheck ordered. On May 30... the make table was still at 48F. The inspector ordered them to discontinue use until repaired. No score given.

Whataburger at 137 WSW Loop 323 in Tyler was inspected April 26th.  Employee was seen smoking, then returned to work without washing hands. Soap was needed at handsink and the dish machine was not sanitizing properly.  Score: 86.

Mazzio's 2605 E. Fifth in Tyler was inspected May 22nd. Salad bar at 49F to 59F, should be 45F or below.  Pizza at buffet held at 110-116F, should be 140F or hotter. The products were discarded. The score: an 87.