East Texas Catholic Parishioners Hope For Answers

Tyler parishioners like Paula Bartleg are sending prayers to Dallas, to the bishops who are banding together for answers.

"From a business perspective I want the bishops to come up with a policy and then enforce it," says Bartleg. "From a spiritual standpoint--renew their faith and bring that back to the diocese."

At Tyler's Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Monsignor Joe Strickland believes the Bishops must come up a better solution. Unlike the first resolution, where one section says priests who were involved in only one sexual assault should be allowed to remain a part of the clergy--so long he's been reformed. "If someone has this sickness or this inability to control themselves, is it ever just one," Says Strickland. "Frankly, if it was just one, it's well over one too many!"

Mosignor Strickland says the very principles that guided the the catholic church should be remembered, like faith and gospel. A priesthood and a faith that are defined by the forgiveness of sins. Christie Milawski hopes this weekend's conference will provide a relief from pain, a renewal of faith for fatherhood in the church. "The pain that they must feel," Says Milawski. "And knowing that something that they have know their entire lives and truly in their heart of hearts love to be damaged in some way--that's very hard."