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A Better East Texas: Spanish Pledge

It was brought to my attention recently that a local middle school was doing something unique in one of their Spanish courses. The students at Whitehouse middle school are being taught the American pledge of allegiance in Spanish.

Now, I don't know about you but I believe that if there was ever a composition that should be presented one-hundred percent of the time in English, it is our pledge.

I would expect that every country's pledge would always be recited in the language it was originally written. This practice has the potential to compromise the fabric of our country's identity.

If you have school age kids in your house, make sure that you know what they are being taught. As for the Whitehouse school system, it is made up of great kids, teachers and administrators, but the decision to teach students the pledge of allegiance in Spanish is beyond reason.

So I call upon those in the decision making positions in Whitehouse to revise its curriculum and return the pledge, my pledge, your pledge... to its rightful place as a hollowed symbol of America. let's start here to help make this A Better East Texas.

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What I would like to know, is why we are teaching our kids to speak their language in the first place.

That should be a choice and not something they all have to do. 

If children can't speak english then they should be taught before they are sent to school. Just like learning other things before they are accepted in school.

This is America and we speack english. Learn it and speak it or as Lou Dobbs says, Go Back Home.



I don't understand your problem with teaching students to say the pledge in Spanish.  It was part of the curriculum in Kilgore in 1964, and I don't believe it did me any harm.

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Although KLTV channel 7 is my favorite station to get news and weather, I have to say I was bitterly disappointed in your commentary about the school teacher in Whitehouse.

    I can't believe that you singled out this school teacher for doing her job. Hello..... it's a spanish class! I suppose that you would prefer her to teach something as boring or archaic as " The pencil is yellow", or " The shoe is brown". In my opinion what she is doing is both commendable and patriotic.  

     Teachers already have the most underpaid and unappreciated job in the country. And you sir, instead of applauding an innovative technique on her part, have singled her out in a most derogatory way.

     Shame on you for this injustice to her, and for promoting small mindedness and seperatism in our communities



I have to take exception to your editorial titled "Spanish Pledge".

Our nation's composition is supposed to be a melting pot of cultures, not W.A.S.P.!  To take your rational further, should we all be reciting the "Lord's Prayer" in Hebrew, the language it was written in?

As a son of Italian immigrants, I would think what is important is what is in our hearts, not what language we say the words.



This is in response to the "Spanish Pledge." I teach Spanish at Chireno, so I understand possible reasons for the teacher to teach the pledge in Spanish. I was born and raised in East Texas, and I have taught Spanish for 3 years now. Let me tell you- it's hard to find something that Spanish students can relate to, which is one of our beloved TEKS. That poor Whitehouse teacher is probably trying to  help her students relate to Spanish. The pledge is probably the only thing that they will even remember after taking the class. TEA pushes us teachers to be entertainig for our students and make learning appealing. Excuse us for trying something different!! I'm sure that that teacher is NOT trying to de-Americanize or un-Texanize our pledges. All she is trying to do is relate Spanish to English using something that students are fimilar with. Give us a break!!! We are trying to teach your children anyway possible. Do you really have time to scruntinize EVERYTHING we teache!rs do?? Seriously, please find something better to do. Everyone is already breathing down our necks (i.e. administration, parents, school board, TEA, Feds, etc.). Just please  let us do our job; we don't tell everyone how to do theirs.



I really don't understand the alarm over teaching kids the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish.   

Does putting important ideas into a different language make them less "hallowed"?  Generations of Bible translators would disagree.  They understand that one of the greatest ways of honoring a text is to give it the means to influence more people, in more languages.



In response to the "Spanish Pledge"....... let us not forget this is a SPANISH CLASS....they are teaching kids who are English speaking and who have known the pledge in English for 8 years!!! They are not teaching spanish speaking people the pledge in their language....my daughter is in that class, my husband is a Air Force Veteran and we are not bothered at all that Hayley can know say our pledge, which we all dearly love, in more than one language. This teacher is a patriot for teaching them this, let's pick on the schools who want to leave God out of the pledge or that want to banish it from school, not someone trying to teach it in a different language!!!!


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