Fabric Upholstery Repair Kit: Does It Work?

Nothing like a rip in your sofa or a cigarette burn on the seat in your car to put a damper on your day. It only takes seconds for these kinds of accidents to happen, but they usually end up leaving their mark for years. That's why a man named Larry Speer came up with a couple of products he says can fix it all. Last time in our "Does it Work?" report, we looked at Larry's "Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit" and we weren't very impressed with the results. But how about the other half of the kit? Would the Fabric/Upholstery Repair Kit fare any better? An old office chair back served as our guinuea pig. The rip is about 2 inches long and part of the fabric is missing. The first step was to cut a piece of fabric, supplied with the kit, to a size just slightly larger than the hole. Next, take the piece you cut and stuff it inside the hole. What we're actually doing is creating a base on which we'll try to "build" a new piece of matching fabric.-- Sounds crazy...but hang with me. This kit uses what the company calls fabric powders. I used black and white mixed together to make gray.  The fabric powders are really fascinating...chopped very, very fine and by the way, the kit includes 7 colors and a guide to help you mix to just about any tint.  The kit also comes with  a special glue. We carefully applied some under the fabric patch to hold it in place and smeared a helping across the entire surface of the repair job. With the glue in place and a good match with the fabric powder, we were ready. We smeared the fabric powder mix over the glue and the backing.  It looked great from the start.  Then we worked with it some more, trying to duplicate the pattern of the chair.  Not too bad! The repair job was noticeable up close...but all in all it worked! Larry you've redeemed yourself. We give the fabric and upholstery repair kit a "yes."