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04/16/08- Mt. Pleasant

Residents React To Pilgrim's Pride Employee Identity Scam Raid

Today, KLTV 7 news crews were at the Pilgrim's Pride plant in Mt. Pleasant, after immigration agents arrested 45 employees there. We're told local law enforcement helped immigration agents with the raid. 

We also received pictures taken by an East Texas attorney and El Tiempo photographer who caught immigration agents going house to house in Mt. Pleasant making arrests.

Afterwards, we asked with Mt. Pleasant residents about their thoughts on this identity scam raid. "You try to trust people and hope and wishe you lived in a honest world, and it's sad to know that it's not the situation," said Janet Allison. 

 "99% of the immigrants that are in Mt. Plesant follow the rules. It's the 1% that don't and a lot of times they don't do it because they have to work and provide for their families," said attorney Jose Sanchez.  

"I think if they're going to be here, they need to do the proper things to be here. Do it the legal way and get all the necessary paper work together and work legally," said Lakita Monore. 

Immigrations agents tells us they have called in social services to help with the families of suspects that have been arrested.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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