Kids' Summer Programs that Don't Break the Bank

Teresa Medina's search to find an affordable outlet for her children this summer ended at Tyler's P.T. Cole Park.

"We have fun, too, with them you know," says Medina.  Five playgrounds, five days a week, two Tyler recreation leaders strong wear the kids out with fun from 9 in the morning to 3.

"I just tell her let's go to the park," says Teresita, Medina's daughter.  The climbing and sliding will give parents a break, but it won't break the bank... it's free.

"It's a whole bunch of exercise and stuff so kids can enjoy themselves instead of staying in the house," says Brandon Johnson, 13-years old.

It's only a splash away and a dollar a day to get your child swimming.

"As we come through the summer she's able to meet friends and she's not bored at home all day watching TV or on the computer," says Kathy Hoffman, a mother.  "They're getting exercise."

Tyler's summer programs are also grooming the tennis stars of tomorrow at Fun Forest Park and four others from now until July 19th.  Parents will be glad to know the serve and volley lessons won't cost you a dime.

Neither will heading indoors for a lollipop and movie. Wednesday the Tyler Public Library was showing a literary flick based on a child's novel, but other days it storytime for your young one.

"They really love it, there's a lot of kids here they can interact with other kids in the summer when it's hard to find things to do."

Tyler kids are bored no more. Now there's enough swimming and playing to put the sunshine back in their summer at little or no cost to parents at all.