Tyler Company Awarded for Trading Internationally

Exporting goods is essential to Texas's economy.

In our state alone, international trade supports 600,000 jobs. That's why Governor Rick Perry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce paid special tribute to DF Hebb Industries in Tyler Wednesday.

The fitness equipment manufacturer received an "Export Achievement Certificate" for selling half of its goods overseas.

The company now exports to 52 countries. They say it's hard entering the global marketplace, but worth it.

"It's very difficult to start up," said William Hebb, executive vice president of Hebb Industries. "Persistence is what you have to do, you just have to keep trying you have to go to trade shows. You have to spend some money and go after it. It's a big world out there, and people that don't take advantage of it are really missing out on a lot."

Texas exported 95 billion products in 2001, about half of those goods went to Mexico.