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4/15/08-Lake Fork

Classic Format Protects Lake Fork Fishery

104 anglers will hit the water at Lake Fork for the Toyota Texas Bass Classic this weekend, with more than 30,000 fans expected to visit.

Event organizers want East Texas to know they are doing all they can to protect Lake Fork's fishery.

Anglers cannot keep a fish between 16-24 inches and they can only keep one one fish that is more than 24 inches. That complies with the state limits for Lake Fork.

The format was established by Kelly Jordan of Mineola.

"The most exciting thing about it, is that we pulled it off last year," Jordan said. "Weights were recorded wonderfully and the fish were put right back in the water, so there is basically no impact on the fishery at all from the fish that we caught in the tournament. It was really exciting.

"I think for most of the fish," Gary Klein said, "it was less than 30 seconds that they were out of the water with their weight recorded and put back into the water."

The Toyota Texas Bass Classic runs Friday through Sunday at Lake Fork.

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