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Smith County Employees Walk Across Texas

From noon to 1 p.m.,  Jaqueline Warren walks.

Her pedometer Tuesday shows 2927 steps about halfway through her walk

"I still got another 2,000 another two laps," said Warren, "Everyday unless I have another appointment. I walk 8 to 9 laps around this building."

Her every step counts for part of the 8 week Walk Across Texas.

"It's kind of an incentive to get our employees healthy and to help them out. We have different departments that have teams of 8, and we are wearing our pedometers and we are trying to walk more than we normally would walk at work within a normal day," said Smith County Commissioner JoAnn Hampton

Smith County has 18 teams, nearly 150 employees from almost every department, competing.

"This day and time it's all about health. We want to do prevention medicine. So in order to be preventive you got to do some type of exercise," said Commissioner Hampton. 

Each team has a Texas map to track how far across the state they can walk. And it's 830 miles from Texarkana to El Paso.

"Last year my team won," said Bobby Garmon, Smith County Sheriff's Department. "She better get ready because we are going to win. I got a good team."

He said he is going a few extra miles for his team.

"I get up at 5 to walk in the morning, so they got to get up a lot earlier if they want to beat me," said Garmon. 

The competition goes until June 10th. The teams will find out who is in the lead through weekly newsletters.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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