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04/15/08- Longview

Cab Drivers And Riders Feel Pain At The Pump

About once a week, Gerald Walters, of Longview, takes the London Cab to get around town. This week, London Cab Company raised their fuel surcharge from $1.00 to $1.50 per trip and for riders like Gerald Walters, they're feeling the pain of the extra cost.

"I'm trying to cut back on taking the cab. I've been catching them pretty regular because I have to go to the doctor a lot. The cab fare adds up and I'm on a fixed income," said Walters.

Unfortunately, riders aren't the only ones feeling the pain at the pump. London Cab drivers like Laverne Baldwin feel the effects too. 

"We have to pay for our own gas and it's the gas prices are going up all the time. It's really hurting us," said Baldwin. 

For two years, Laverne has been driving a London cab, and in that time, gas prices have nearly doubled.  "After working all day, I used to fill up my tank between $20- $25. Now, when I fill up the tank I spend anywhere from $40 to $50. I just hope that the gas prices comes down so we can make a living at," said Baldwin.

For now, despite paying high gas prices Laverne will keep driving and riders like Gerald will pay the fare - even if it costs extra - and keep riding.     

London cab says every time gas prices rise .50 cents, London cab's fuel surcharge will go up another .50 cents to compensate.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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