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Tax Deadline Spawns Unusual Deductions

       The clock is ticking for those who coming down to the wire to file their taxes. Everyone is looking for tax relief, and deductions can be a way to lower your tax burden. Deductions help with the burden, and Kirk Green, a CPA Green-Turner and Associates, has heard it all. He says if you're going to deduct it, you better be ready to prove it.

    "Its got to be necessary, you can basically deduct anything that pertains to your business" says Green.

    If you're self-employed and do a lot of driving, there's always mileage and gasoline. Green says some try for the impossible, writing off their home as a business deduction.

    "Some people try to do that, their entire house, all their meals everything" says Green.

     But he has also seen some odd deductions.

    "In certain cases you can write off guard dogs" he says.

     Longview post offices told us today that they will not stay open late tomorrow, because they don't get the last minute turning in their taxes crowd.

     However, the Azalea Station Post Office on South Broadway in Tyler has extended it's hours for tomorrow night. The outside box will be open until 10 p-m.

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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