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A Better East Texas: Uninsured Motorists

Its state law in Texas for operators of motor vehicles to have liability insurance. Unfortunately one in four Texas drivers choose to ignore this law.

If these illegal drivers are caught by law enforcement they will face penalties. But if they're in a wreck before getting caught they can cause both personal and financial hardships for those they hit. I heard a recent story about a Texas family who ran up a $40,000 medical debt because an uninsured motorist crashed into them.

State law allows law enforcement to impound vehicles of uninsured motorists on the spot. And most do that when the driver is involved in an accident. But that's not going far enough. Its unlawful to operate a motor vehicle without insurance.

If a driver can't prove they have insurance then they have no more right to drive a vehicle than a drunk driver does. Many cities in the Dallas area are towing any uninsured vehicle they find rolling on the streets.

 East Texas cities need to do the same thing and you need to call your mayor and city council representative and ask them to get tougher on uninsured drivers. I say tow 'em and stow 'em. It will better protect those obeying the law and make this a better east Texas.

Viewer Comments:

I so agree with you on the insurance matter. Why do I have to have it and not everybody does? In August of last year a drunk driver going the wrong way on I-20 hit my grand kids and their Mom head on. It has been a nightmare. My 6 month old Grand son was in PICU for 12 days, but now thank the Lord is all well as is his 5 year old sister. Their Mom has a steel rod and pins and a steel plate over her knee. She walks stiff legged most of the time. The driver died at the scene, so I am grateful mine are still with me. Most insured people do not realize they can be ruined by this. When you carry the minimum amount required by law all the bills aren't paid. After Allstate and Cigna they still owe thousands because of this woman who already had a felony DWI pending in Smith County. We have since raised ours to the highest Texas has but most people can't afford this. I don't know why, with technology today why insurance companies can't report people who pay for 1 month of i!

nsurance, get a 6 month card, and stop paying. They can at least report it to the county they live in or where they have had previous tickets for failure to maintain. I talked to a Grgg County Deputy that I know after the wreck and he said he had stopped her many times and she never had insurance but if he put everybody in jail for no insurance there would be no room for real criminals. I really got mad over this. If all officers feel this way there is no reason to get insurance. If she had been jailed maybe my family would not have went through all of this. How can we put a stop to this?




The reason why Iam writng you is because Icould not catch the address of you v.p. He made a ststement about uninsured motorist,the fact that the state needs to tag em' and bag em' or somthing of that nature.He was not being sympathetic to majority of i think the blue collar world that's the real cornerstone of our society.The ones who hand our coffee breakfast,change after we pay for gas are the ones who clean our children stalls at school to make sure they get home as safe as possible. I'm sure you get the point of where I'm going with this.For him to say such a thing like that without taking a good look aroud,encouraging lawmakers to lock them up for not having insurance and take their cars because they are out trying go to work at a minimum wage job to support their families,at these insurance companies applying for insurance for a vehicle worth half of the yearly policy,a down payment more than they can save in 6 months.We are'nt going to get in the details about credit checks? I feel he owes these people an apoligy by saying what is our legislatives doin to help the less fortunate ones? sorry i took up your time but i just had to get that off of my heart. THANKS[SMILE]                            Mr. Morrow

Reply From Brad Streit:
I w
ant you to know first how much I appreciate you watching our station, and more importantly for taking the time to write. The purpose of my commentaries is to encourage debate and letters like yours help foster that.

I regret we have to disagree on this subject. A car should not be on the road without insurance any more than it should be on the road without gasoline. I had to live on minimum wage at one time in my life so I know how difficult it is to count pennies leading up to the next paycheck. But I did it, and paid for my automobile insurance. And I know a lot people with the same challenge do carry insurance. Is it fair to them if someone of the same financial background does not live up to their legal obligations?

What if   one of the folks of limited means you listed in your example crashed into someone also of limited means? If bodily injury occurs, the other person will be set back even further by the medical and financial hardship created by the uninsured motorist. In fact, the example I cited in my commentary was such a case.

Either way please know I respect your opinion...even more so for taking the time write it and hope you do so again when you disagree with my opinion.

Brad Streit

Regional VP/GM



About driver who do not have insurance, we were in a wreck

(which was not our fault) and the guy who hit us did not have ins. Now our

ins. company is having to pay since we carry 'uninsured', this is not

right, in other words we pay for our ins. & theirs too.  They need to do

something about un-ins. drivers, take their veh. from them or make it a

heavy fine if they are involved in a wreck, put in jail or something when

it's their fault. Exactly how does Tyler handle this? - Naoma

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