Corrada Calls for Changes in Dallas Bishop Convention

The crisis in the Catholic Church in America is coming to Texas. Starting on Thursday, Bishops from across the country will meet in Dallas to discuss the best way to solve the problem of sexual assault in the clergy.

The head of the Catholic Church in East Texas, Bishop Alvaro Corrada, hopes to play a big role in the debate. "We have not done our work as Bishops, supervising and taking out this terrible crime out of the clergy."

Already, a committee has proposed a set of guidelines for dealing with pedophiles in the priesthood. But, Corrada does not expect that first draft to be ratified. "I suppose the second draft which we will see on Thursday will be quite different than the one we were sent."

   Many new changes will come into how the church deals with priests who committed one sexual assault of a child. This list says those priests should stay in the ministry. Corrada says they are unfit.

"Those laws that protect minors from abuse, sexual abuse are just laws. And we have to apply them to us. And not to allow a person like this to minister, because it's too much of a danger.   Corrada himself submitted some of those proposals.

   The Catholic Church's mission is to spread faith to the people. To do that, this week they must restore the people's faith in the church. Any measures passed in Dallas will have to be reviewed by attorneys for the Catholic Church to make sure they meet State and Federal laws in addition to Catholic Cannon laws.