A New Name and a Compromise For Tyler's Airport

Pending approval from the City Council and the FAA, the Tyler Airport will soon be known as Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. The name is a compromise, an attempt to both broaden the appeal of the airport while still respecting a Tyler veteran.

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The Advisory Board wanted a new name, one that would better reflect on Tyler. Since the early 1940s, the airport has been known as Pounds Field. It was originally named for Tyler Army Air Corps pilot Jack Pounds, who was killed in combat in World War II. Many area people were concerned with changing a name originally adopted to honor a war hero.

After weeks of debate, the Advisory Board came to the conclusion they could do both of their tasks. By starting with the word "Tyler," they will boost awareness of their location. And by continuing to use "Pounds," the legacy of a Tyler legend will continue.

The airport also plans to have their new terminal open for business by the first of August. They expect the additional facilities to increase traffic and draw more carriers to Tyler.