Nursing Home Tub Overheats Injuring A Disabled Man

A bath tub at a Tyler nursing home overheats, scalding a disabled patient inside.

The incident happened Saturday at Park Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Fifth Street. An engineer visited the home Tuesday to see if a technical malfunction caused the spa's temperature to rise beyond normal temperatures.

"Once we determine exactly what issues we have that need correction, our next step will be to implement procedures to ensure those problems never occur again," said Mary Wintters  an administrator at the nursing center.

Wintters said Tuesday that someone was watching over the patient while he was bathing in the tub. She added that there's no way of telling, at this point, if the patient's paralysis kept him from realizing the water was overheating. Tyler Police say the center called for help after the patient fell unconscious.

The Texas Department of Human Services is also involved in the investigation. Rosemary Patterson with TDHS says its routine for them to conduct an investigation when an incident of this nature occurs inside a nursing home.

The patient was taken to ETMC Saturday and then transported to Parkland in Dallas with several burns on his body.