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Colgate Talent Search Held In Longview

It was a chance at a dream, Saturday as a Longview talent search gave ordinary people the chance for stardom in country music.  Young and old, they came from all over East Texas to Auburn Music for the 27th annual Colgate Country Showdown, and a long shot at a dream.

"Just for me, it's doing something I love for the rest of my life and that would make me happy," said Hallsville contestant Chelsea Ogden.

"I just figure somebody's got to win the money, and it would be really nice to win and just get that exposure in country music and just start some kind of career," said Sulphur Springs contestant Jacoby Smith.

"If you never, if you don't try you're never going to know, so take the jump get, in the water, get wet and see what happens," said event organizer, the Ranch 104.1 Program Director Chuck McKinley.  For the people that are in this contest it's like a line out of a country western song, everybody's looking for the next big thing.  Sponsored by the Ranch, more than 30 contestants tried to impress a panel of judges with their charisma , talent and stage presence.

"I think the big acts are here," said Auburn Music owner Steve Auburn.  "I think they're waiting to be discovered and this is a great launch pad for them."  There were some who just tried hard and some that were amazing.  Ten finalists were chosen from Saturday's event.  They move onto the regional competition in Austin, and if they do well there it's off to Nashville for the national competition.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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