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Brain Training: LearningRx

Some people believe your brain stops learning, but that isn't true, according to Dr. Ken Gibson.

He is the author and founding CEO of the franchise LearningRx. Dr. Gibson says your brain is constantly changing. He spent Friday afternoon in Tyler teaching parents and educators some of the things he has learned.

Gibson says teaching is transferring information, but training is developing skills and the underlying skills we need for learning can't be taught they need to be trained, you have to do something.

He says through training and developing the essential skills anyone can improve their abilities.

"We train skills like attention, long term memory, working memory, the ability to process things that we hear, create mental images, the ability to reason and think," said Gibson. "Those are all things that can improve by training."

Gibson says there is hope for almost every single child. He suggests parents observe the struggle they are having. A lot of people try tutoring when they are having a problem.

"Studies show that tutoring for a year you are likely to get a two week improvement in reading," said Gibson, "compared to treating the underlying skills where you can get two years improvement."

He suggests being aware of the problem - not just the symptom - and the cause. Gibson says there are answers that can help many. If you would like to know more about Dr. Gibson's research and methods of training, visit

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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