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Police Video Released On Lakeport Car Chase

Dash-cam video has been released from behind the wheel during a wild and dangerous car chase in Gregg county with speeds of over 120 miles an hour. The chase began around 6 p-m Tuesday night and lasted more than 20 minutes through Gregg and Harrison counties.   When Lakeport police spotted 26 year old Benjamin Taylor, he was only moderately speeding.   They didn't know what they were in for next.

"He accelerated and took off," says Lakeport police chief Wesley Freeman.

Freeman was right behind Taylor during the chase. His dash-cam video captured his pursuit on fm-349.  At one point Taylor was going over 120.

"The risk factor was that we had to get this guy off the street before he seriously injured and innocent person" says Freeman.

He made several dangerous moves around traffic,  and swerved to avoid hitting trucks and spikes that were laid out on I-20. At one point he slows down  as if he's giving up, then he takes off again.

 "Because he was so unpredictable, you may have to make a decision to put an officer in harms way," Freeman says.

Finally, 4 miles past the Hallsville exit, a second set of spikes blow his tires. Then a wave of officers storm the car to get him in custody.

"You don't know what you're dealing with is this person is he armed what does he have , even though he was showing his hands had his hands up through the sun roof you don't know when you get up there is he going to jerk them down does he have a weapon" says Freeman.

Freeman is thankful that miraculously,  no one was hurt.   Taylor was being held at the Harrison county jail on D-W-I charges,  but is free after posting 2-thousand dollars bond. District attorneys from Gregg and Harrison counties are discussing which county will file evading arrest charges against him.

Bob Hallmark reporting/bhallmark@kltv.com .

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