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4/11/08-Smith County

SCPA Raids Home, Rescues A Dozen Dogs

An East Texas mobile home is raided and a dozen dogs are found living in what the SPCA calls unthinkable conditions. Friday afternoon, the Smith County Constable's Office and the SPCA of Dallas responded to the home at the intersection of Highway 16 and County Road 4181, just West of Lindale. KLTV 7's Tracy Watler was there and spoke to the homeowners who say no one could care for, or love, the dogs more than they do.

"I tell ya I think they're happy and I think that means more than anything," says homeowner Ron Lindsey as he wipes away tears and he kisses his dogs goodbye.

"This is my time to be with them for the last time," he says.

It's the last time because all of his dogs have been rescued from awful living conditions.  The SPCA will now treat them for malnourishment and mange.

"They didn't have any hair, some of them were bleeding from their eyes, eyes swollen shut, some of them were bleeding from their behind," says Wendy Savering, School Resource Officer at Lindale ISD for the Smith County Constable's Office, Precinct 5.

Authorities say Ron, along with his 81-year-old mother, and 16-year-old niece have lived in the home for eight years now.

"Very full of feces, urine, all over the house about two to three inches worth of feces, on their beds, in their sheets and they were sleeping and eating in there," Savering explains.

The owner says he first lived in this house with about four or five dogs, until the electricity was cut off, and then he moved into the one next door where Friday the SPCA confiscated 12 dogs.

First refusing to give them up, authorities had to serve the family a warrant. It was a day, that wasn't easy for rescuers, or Ron's mother who tells us, nobody can give the dogs a better home.

"It was filthy, yes, but it just got away from us that's all. Nobody has had better, gave more to their animals than we did," Juanita Lindsey says.

As much as the family believes the dogs are happy and healthy, pictures and puppy dog eyes say otherwise.

The Constable's Office discovered the awful conditions when Savering came to the home, after it was brought to her attention by the school nurse the 16-year-old had a foul odor.  She's now been placed in foster care and does have some sort of health issue from living in those conditions since she was four years old.

As for the 81-year-old mother, an investigation has been opened with Adult Protective Services.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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