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Nearly A Dozen Restaurants, More Than A Dozen Problems

    One Longview restaurant was singled out for serious violations in the latest inspection period. Teles Mexican Restaurant at 212 East Marshall Avenue was inspected April 9th. There was improper handling of cooked and prepared foods hot and cold foods were held at unsafe temperatures improper waste disposal . Total demerits : 28

  In Tyler, Downtown Soul Food Café at 403 North Spring Street was inspected March 25.  The yams on the steam line weren't at a high enough temperature, cooked foods in the fridge weren't labeled with preparation date, and times no hot water or soap was found at one of the hand-washing sinks. No hot water at one sink, and another was not even accessible, and a bad sewer smell in the men's room.  Total demerits: 28

   Jalpita at 794 East Northeast Loop 323 was inspected April 7.  Cooked red peppers, tomatoes and green chilies and chicken were all at improper temps. Raw eggshells were being stored above ready-to-eat food. There were no dates marked on frozen and refrigerated food.  The hand-washing sink was being used for food prep,  the dishwasher wasn't sanitizing and the establishment needed a thorough cleaning.  Total demerits: 27

   KFC at 3630 Troup Highway was inspected April 4.  Some coleslaw had to be thrown out and some chicken needed to be reheated.  Mold was observed in the ice machine and the kitchen area needed to be thoroughly cleaned to remove the buildup of grease and dirt.  Live roaches were seen under the display warmer near food containers.  Total demerits: 26

    Mercado Mexico Café at 2214 West Southwest Loop 323 was inspected March 12. Queso left out had to be thrown out and rice and beans also were not being kept at the proper temperature. An Employee was observed handling food without washing their hands and there was no soap or towels near the grill hand sink.  Total demerits: 26

   H.K. Donut Palace at 6004 South Broadway was inspected April 7.  Pigs in a blanket were at room temperature, food trays needed cleaning, and food trays were also being stored on trash cans. The hand washing sinks were all inaccessible and there was no soap near the sinks. Rodent droppings were found in the utility closet and small insects were seen near the donut maker.  Total demerits: 26

    Rick's On The Square at 104 West Erwin was inspected April 3.  Chicken and tuna salad had to be thrown out and an employee was observed not properly washing their hands.  There was improper handling of ready-to-eat food.  Total demerits: 20

   At Red Lobster at 1500 West Southwest Loop 323, inspectors saw an employee handling raw fish, steak, and chicken without changing gloves or washing hands.  Staff were observed handling ready-to-eat food without gloves. Baked potatoes had to be discarded and breading mix was in contact with trash piled up in the mop sink area.  Total demerits: 19

   Church's Chicken at 535 South Beckham was inspected March 13.  An employee failed to wash their hands after handling money at the register. One of the sinks was leaking and needed plumbing work. Cleaning cloths were observed on the cooking line and food prep areas, and there was accumulated grease on some of the food trays.  Total demerits: 17

    Taco Bell at 2760 East 5th Street was inspected March 25.  Employees were seen not washing hands properly. Mold was found in the ice machine and drink dispenser. Employees were observed handling ready-to-eat food without the proper barriers. Taco shells also had to be thrown out.  Total demerits: 15

   In Whitehouse, Simple Simon's at 601 Highway 110 north was inspected March 15.  An employee was not following proper hand-washing procedures. An employee was also observed handling food improperly. Dough cans, pizza pans, utensils were not cleaned.  Total demerits: 17

  Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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