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04/10/08- White Oak

Strong Storm Uproots Trees; Damaging East Texas Homes

  The storm's strong winds uprooted a tree in Bobbie Conley's backyard and the tree toppled part of her families home. "It's devastating to me. It could have been worst much worst. If the tree would have gone through the window it would have gotten my dearly beloved," said Conley.

Just three lots down from Bobbie's home, in the Pine Hollow Community, Benette Mowery's entire bathroom ceiling and bedroom closet were smashed in, after a tree fell on top of her home. "I heard a loud crash and it sounded like glass breaking. My advice to mobile homeowners is stay away from trees. Don't put your mobile home close to trees because this makes the second home for me, that trees have taken out," said Mowery. 

Not only did trees take out parts of homes but at Rick's Sign Company a tree took out a truck.  

"The weird thing about it is that the truck is not even ours. A customer brought the truck in yesterday and it's a brand new. We were supposed to letter the truck today. We called the customers and they were really nice when we told them it was damaged. You can't really do anything about it-- it's just weather, it's not our fault," said Amy William, of Rick's Sign Company.    

Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries. Homeowners, say they still have hope despite the damage.

  LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. 

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