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Help Susie: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

"My grandson Caleb - and my sister Linda," said Susie Ripkowski.

Linda is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and little Caleb has Moebius Syndrome, a condition of underdeveloped facial nerves.

They are just two of the reasons Susie Ripkowski is walking with her pink power flower with their names and many more.

"We all know somebody who is going to be touched by this disease and it's curable now if we can just get people to get early detection," said Susie.

On Saturday, she will participate in the 26.2 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

"I was scared on my first five mile walk," said Susie.

Not an easy feat for someone who was in a wheelchair as a child, and doesn't really exercise.

"I was born with my little toes all crossed. My parents had to have surgery on my toes," said Susie. "Walking was kinda a big thing for me anyways, so setting out to do 26.2 miles is kinda huge undertaking."

But for every blister, Susie says she's happy to do this labor of love.

"So, when I feel like giving up I just remember that I'm walking for these people and these names are really special to me."

"It's just incredible to see the power of women and what all we can do together when we really work at it," said Susie.

If you would like to help you can go to Avon Walk For Breast Cancer.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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