Purse Burglary Suspect Doesn't Hold Up

Tyler residents were hopeful Friday that the "back-door" burglar was locked behind bars.

But upon further investigation, police say that's not the case.

22-year old Marzell Bureau was arrested Friday morning for burglarizing a home on the 500 block of West Charnwood. Police caught Bureau as he was running from the victim's home.

But, police now say it's unlikely the arrest has solved as many as 30 smash and grab cases in the city, mainly because Bureau's method of operation is very different from the back-door burglar's.

Victims say they wait for the day when the "purse burglar" is arrested. But a few say they don't believe Bureau is the right guy. Police agree, saying Bureau took too much time rummaging through his victim's belongings; whereas, the back door burglar was in and out within seconds.

Victim Dr. Darwin Darr remembers his burglary all too well. His wallet was stolen after his door was kicked in last month.

"He was in and out within 5 seconds," said Darr. "I didn't think it fit the same type of operation that the other burglar had used to where he was in and out so quickly.

Police say Bureau lived just a few blocks from his victim's home and fled towards his home on foot... making the case what they call "a crime of opportunity."