What are you getting your Dad for Father's Day?

Ties, shirts, and cufflinks oh my. Every year that's the stuff dad usually gets on Father's Day. But after all it is the thought that counts. But this year you can do something a little different. For the coffee connoisseur, Coffee City has beans, grinders and pressers -- something any dad would love to help him get going in the morning. And for the dad who likes a cup of joe out on the lake -- they've got the perfect catch. A mug that looks like a fish. For the tech savvy old man try binoculars that take digital pictures, or a two way radio. Then there's always the novelty Harley Davidson phone. For the dad who moves to the beat of a different drummer -- you may find the perfect idea on stupid.com . There you can find tantalizing gifts like the head trip head massager -- a must have. Then for the dad with an analytical side try the Sigmund Freud action figure or the kung fu hamster. And for the dad with a refined pallet -- here's the piece de resistance -- sushi pops. Oh yeah -- they look like sushi -- taste like candy. So make your Father's Day count with a special gift that says "Daddy - I love you".