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4/09/08 - Norman, OK

Former Lobo Kelly Frustrated At Pro Day

For the first time today, Malcolm Kelly ran for scouts, but a last-minute change of venue and turf led to uncharacteristic frustration.

"I can't say I'm pleased with anything," Kelly said after running a 4.68 on Oklahoma's soft turf. He had planned to run on the faster, tighter turf, but says a coach moved the event.

"I hadn't trained on any of this stuff.  This is my life. You know what I'm saying?  This ain't no school. This ain't no classroom. This ain't got nothing to do with that. This has to do with me, and my family. This is what I do. I play football. And I'm supposed to come out here and run as fast as I can. I already had everything set up for where I want to do it at. I get out here and it's a whole different deal.''

Today was vital for Kelly's career, he didn't work out at the NFL Combine because of the injury he suffered at the Fiesta Bowl, an injury he says Oklahoma didn't diagnose correctly.

"I was told by staff I had a thigh bruise," Kelly said. "I told them it felt a lot worse than that. (They said) 'No, it's not that bad, go out there and run, it's not a thigh tear, it's just a thigh bruise.'"

"Kept trying to run, never did get any better. Didn't play in the game, so I finally went out there training and it never got any better. I went and got an MRI and I've got a thigh tear."

''So what if I would have gone out there and tried to play in the bowl game and went out there and tried to run full speed? Then where would I be right now?"

"Nowhere. Sitting at home, still rehabbing, back here for another season."

''People say to always trust in what they're saying, they're not going to steer you wrong. But..."

On the slower O-U turf, Kelly reportedly ran a 4.68, much slower than his earlier 4.5 times on faster turf.  He says the Sooners change of surface affected his future.

"You play somewhere for three years, you give them all you got for every summer, every winter, and all you ask for is to have it like you want it for an hour and a half...some people got a problem with it."

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