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89 Become U.S. Citizens In Tyler Wednesday

It's the end of a long, and difficult road, but they're home now. Dozens took part in naturalization ceremonies in Tyler Wednesday. The smiles and hugs, relief they've finally made it.

With their new paperwork in hand 49 got the official blessing from Judge Judith Guthrie in federal court Wednesday morning.

"I'm so proud today. I'm an American citizen now," said Jennifer Jaing of China.

Jennifer has been in the U.S for 8 years and says the process has been long, but the wait well worth it

"I'm waiting. I test twice. First time I pass have to wait three months. Second time i pass wait two more months," said Jennifer.

"Follow the law, play by the books and here we are. It's a beautiful country," said Ignatus Okafor, from Nigeria.

"I'm so proud and my family too. I'm the first American citizen in my family. They are so happy," said Jennifer. 

A family bond that Korina Upton of Switzerland understands well.

"I've been here since 1957 I love this country very very much. I have two sons who are americans and I have two grandsons who are Americans. Now I can vote. And I will vote," said Korina. 

Mary Avila, a nurse from The Phillipines, is also the last of her family to become a citizen.

"I went through all those test and everything eventually I was able to get through all the requirements," said Mary Avila, "Being a citizen of this country is just wonderful. It's a great country. I am very proud."

For these the words freedom and justice for all, now so sweet.

Besides those, another forty received their citizenship papers Wednesday afternoon in Tyler.

Danielle Capper, Reporting dcapper@kltv.com


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