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04/16/08- Hopkins County

Sulphur Springs Citizens Protest Parole Of Aggravated Assault Criminal

For the past week, Elaine Wells has been going business to business in Sulphur Springs, getting folks to write letters in protest of the parole of Juan Garcia. Garcia, who officials say is an illegal immigrant, admitted to nearly beating her son Marcus to death.

"It's not up to law enforcement officers to protect us. They do their job and then it's my job as a mother of a victim to launch a campaign to stop this. I go into the community and talk to people. I ask them to write letters and emails to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles."

Elaine Wells has been getting quite a response from citizens. Today, at the Hopkins County courthouse, several folks, including law enforcement, showed up in support of protesting Garcia's parole.  

"If anybody needs to be in prison in our mind it's dangerous and violent individuals and Garcia meets both those classifications," said Martin Braddy, 8th Judicial District Attorney.  

At the O'Reilly Auto Parts store Elaine has collected several letters from workers protesting Garcia's parole. O'Reilly employee Shirley Sgroe worte one of the protest letters. 

"I don't care who you are neighbor, family, friend, no one deserves something like that and so I'm making a stand for it," said Sgroe.

 A stand that Elaine, and her son Marcus, hopes will keep a criminal behind bars.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement have ordered Garcia to be deported upon his release.

 LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. 

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