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04/09/08 - Clinton, LA

Skirt-Wearing Man Intends To Fight Indecency Ordinance

As of last month, the town of Clinton, LA has a pull up your pants rule. Wearing saggy pants can now get you a fine. However, one Clinton man says the indecent exposure ordinance should not apply to him because he has a medical condition.

On a day when his mower is giving him grief, business is kind of slow for Jay Herrod. It's not what he does that's the problem. "He cuts the yard in a hurry, does a good job. I don't have any problems. That's what I was interested in. Don't pay attention to what he wears," says Carline Kimbro, one of Herrod's customers. It's the way he dresses that turns heads.

"I've had some women tell me I have nice looking legs, for a man (laughs)," Herrod says. "I mean, I know I'm the only guy in East Feliciana Parish that wears a skirt. That's a known fact." Jay is a man, but yes, he is wearing a skirt. It's how he dresses all summer, whether he's taking care of yards or going to the grocery store.

"I don't really get fired up about it. And I don't see any reason for anyone else to. If you don't like it, don't look," Kimbro says. Most of Herrod's customers don't mind, but under Clinton's indecent exposure ordinance, Herrod is breaking the law. The ordinance says it's unlawful to intentionally expose his or her genitalia or undergarments.

From time to time, Herrod's skirt does fly up, but Herrod says he dresses this way for a reason, and he should be the exception to that ordinance. "One doctor told me the only thing for me to do was wear a skirt." Herrod says he suffers from heat rash. He even carries a doctor's note, stating so, and that he has to wear a skirt to allow air to the affected area. "Allows that area to breathe and wearing skirt on mower allows sweat to evaporate."

If Clinton's aldermen don't see things his way, Herrod may have to make another wardrobe switch. He plans to go before the aldermen Wednesday in Clinton and plead his case. We'll let you know what happens.

Courtesy of WAFB Channel 9 News.



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