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ET Olympic Hopeful Sounds Off On Worldwide Turmoil

Protests of the upcoming Olympic games in Beijing, China continue around the planet. An East Texas track star is one of the athletes caught up in the political tug of war. 

On Monday images were broadcast of scuffles in France as the Olympic Torch was relayed through the city. In San Francisco, protestors called for Americans to boycott the games.

A US  boycott could means some athletes hard work over the past three years would be out the door. That includes John Tyler graduate LaKadron Ivery.

LaKadron is set to compete in the Olympic trials in June. She is currently training at Baylor University with other track stars like Sonya Richards.

KLTV 7 Sports director Maya Golden spoke to LaKadron by phone from her training facility. She said making the Olympics is a hard dream to ask athletes to give up on.

"Honestly this has been a lifelong dream for me ever since I was 12," LaKadron said. "By them boycotting it Maya, honestly all I can say is, I'm not going to stop working hard. Actually, I'm going to press even harder."

"I train three times a day and I'm not going to stop because I have been putting my body to the test just because of what's on ESPN or what's in the newspapers."

"I don't look at it as, 'Aw man they're going to get rid of it,' because I know they are going to come up with something. We have too many good athletes out there that are dedicating so much to it. This is their life, basically this is how they eat."

The Olympic Torch will make its only U.S. relay Wednesday in San Francisco. With more protest expected, the relay path was shortened.

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