A Homeowners Shocking Surprise; Paying For Unused City Sewer Services

"Somebody somewhere messed up," says homeowner Wes Reed.

Now, that mess is making a stink' in Wes Reed's backyard. "Every time we run the sink or flush the commode it just bubbles up out here in the backyard," says Reed.

To make matters worse, the plumber that Reed called to fix his sewer problem can't do anything about it, because Reed's house is hooked up to a septic tank, not the sewer.

After, Reed contacted KLTV 7, we tried to find out from the City of Longview why Reed was paying for sewer service he wasn't getting.

"The majority of homeowners are going to be connected to the cities sewer system-- there's no doubt about that, but there are rare instances where for whatever reason back when Reed's area was annexed, it was not connected. Anytime someone is paying for service their not receiving it's our obligation to refund those dollars to that customer,"said Chuck Ewings, Assistant City Manager for the City of Longview.

We caught up with Reed at his shoe shop. Now, he says the city is offering him a sewer tap to connect to his home.  "When KLTV started talking to the city. Then the city started responding to me a lot nicer and a lot friendlier and offered me the free tap," said Reed.

A tap that the city hopes will suffice for the messy job Reed had to face. "Mr. Reed had been paying his bill for about four years. He had paid approximately $800 in sewer fees and the tap we're ofering is a value of $1700.

A value that Reeds says he credits to KLTV 7.

"I'd say seven on my side means a lot because it really did help me out."

Now, although Reed wasn't receiving sewer services, he was receiving water from the city. The city says Reed was charged for sewer based on a percentage of how much water he used. They're hoping to connect Reed's home to the sewer tap in the next couple of weeks.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com