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Pain At The Pump: Independent Gas Station Owner

For weeks now, KLTV has been bringing you stories of high gas prices affecting everyday people's lives, but what about those behind the pump? In Tuesday's Pain At The Pump story, KLTV 7's Tracy Watler spoke with an independent gas owner who wants you to know he's feeling the burn, too.

Nizam Yousaf has owned a Texaco station on South Broadway in Tyler for a year and a half, but he says it's never been this bad.

"We're not making money at all at the moment," he says.

Yousaf says he's actually losing money when it comes to selling you gas. His invoice shows, he pays $3.23 a gallon and you pay--you guessed it--$3.23 a gallon.  

"And then you have to add two more cents for credit card fees so basically we're losing two cents on that," he explains.

Yousaf says it's not as simple as just upping his price to make money.

"We cannot do that. If I'm at $3.26, and they are at $3.23 right next to me, nobody will come stop by my store and we have to have to make the customer come in store and buy drinks, candies to make a little bit money out of it," Yousaf explains.

He wants his customers to know gas station owners don't set the prices and they're certainly not making those record profits.

"We were really don't know what to do, it's really very frustrating at the moment for the customers as well as for the small owners like me you know," he says.

And so, just like you, he's feeling pain the pump, waiting for prices to drop.

"Hope for the best that's all."

Yousaf has another Texaco location, and he says gas at that station isn't making money either.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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