Bicyclists Ride For Safety

After three bicycle-related incidents in the past two weeks, the Tyler Bicycle Club has had enough.

The Club gathered Sunday for a short ride. They only travelled about a mile to ETMC, but this may have been their most important ride yet. They got together to show support for a fellow rider.

For almost two weeks, cyclist Greg Chapman has been at ETMC. On May 29th, a driver clipped his leg and sent him flying over a hundred feet through the air. He's been in ICU since then, and his friend Cary Johnson is just glad he's still alive.

"It was an unbelievable tragedy," Johnson said, "and to see somebody live through that, I'm just grateful that he's still with us."

The surprising thing about Sunday's ride is Greg wasn't even a member of the club. The Tyler Bicycle Club rode to show support for him as a fellow biker, and over fifty riders made their way to ETMC.

Chapman's wife, Marquita said "There's just no words to describe the support from people we don't even know. Maybe this will help people be more aware of the situation out there with bicyclists. Maybe they'll be more courteous."

As for Cary, he was getting back on the bike for the first time since Greg's wreck. "Right now, it's kind of a nervy experience," he admitted. "But I've got a lot of support. Greg pushed me out of the hospital room and said get out there, go."

Cary did ride. He helped lead the pack on a short journey, that they hope will help take a big step.